Terroir sangria

Terroir sangria

Make the summer start early

Ana Love brings you the authentic Spanish drink in a bottle; Sangria!

Our Sangria is very refreshing and natural which makes it the perfect drink to share during a fresh meal or warm summer night. Our Sangria contains a lot less added sugar then usual and is made from the best tempranillo wine, fresh pressed orange juice from Valencia, tangy lemon juice and various liqueurs which together give it its sweet, summery taste with a hint of citrus. Ana Love loves the mediterranean lifestyle, sun and good food and drinks. This Sangria fits perfect with a lifestyle like this. It doesn’t matter if you have a party, a fancy diner, a lazy afternoon or a day at the beach. Our Sangria can be shared on every occasion and will give your moment a spanish touch. Also try replacing your gluhwein with a warming hot sangria. Just heat it up and decorate it with some fresh orange and cinnamon. Perfect to create those cozy winter moments.

We offer:


                 Pomegranate                                                     orange

200ml & 1000ml